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Human Rights Education. Career Entry to the Field of Political Education & Youth Work

Qualification program (within the framework of the project "Migrants as Youth Work Professionals: Qualification, Empowerment, Educational offers in Rural Areas")

14. October 2022 – 07. May 2023

german, english

We want to empower young people to start a professional career in the field of Human Rights Education, Civic Education and Youth Work. We want to provide participants with a comprehensive training consisting of 11 modules, additional online learning, with work opportunities to acquire practical experience, with internships and career coaching. We are inviting particularly on individuals who have experienced forced or chosen migration, as well as people who have not had this experience.

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The Training Programme

The seminars will take place Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.

At every seminar we will

What happens in the modules in terms of content and when do they take place?

Kick-off meeting, 14. October 2022
Introduction to the project and course of the qualification program

Module 1: Human Rights & Me, 15. – 16. October 2022
Introduction to Human Rights Education: History, goals and learning approaches

Module 2: Understanding and designing Learning Processes, 29. – 30. October 2022
Getting to know the approaches of political education, human rights education and non-formal education, reflection on the trainer attitude, artistic-creative methods

Module 3: Identity, Diversity & Power, 12. – 13. November 2022
Dealing with the concepts of identity, culture and diversity

Module 4: Understanding Discrimination, 26. – 27. November 2022
Forms and factors of discrimination, discrimination- critical educational approaches

Module 5: Designing Workshops, 10. – 11. December 2022
Target group-oriented design of workshops, moderation techniques

Module 6: Anti-Racism, 14. -15. January 2023
Raising awareness on racism, racism-critical educational work

Module 7: Empowerment & Allyship, 4. – 5. February 2023
Empowerment for people who experience racial discrimination and sensitization for people who are not confronted with racism

Module 8: Postcolonial Education in Weimar, 18. – 19. February 2023
Postcolonial perspectives in artistic and cultural education, working with places of learning (in cooperation with the Klassik Stiftung Weimar)

Module 9: Democracy for All?!, 11. – 12. March 2023
Political concepts and democratic approaches in seminar situations, systemic consensus and sociocratic approaches

Module 10: The Danger of a Single Migration Story, 25. – 26. March 2023
Concepts of Flight & Migration, Biography Work in Seminars

Module 11: Build Your Network!, 6. – 7. May 2023
Professional development & personal growth, organizations and practitioners from human rights education /​ civic education and youth work introduce themselves

Opportunities for initial practical experience

More information about the program will soon be available in the Flyer (in the download section under the menu item »Information«).


EJBW, Weimar


Dorit Machell, Gifty Nyame Tabiri (EJBW)
as well as experts in various areas of the program


To participate in the qualification programme, please apply via the online form by August 31, 2022. We are happy to answer your questions by e-mail or telephone.

Participation Fee

Participation costs 100 Euro. Travel expenses to the seminar location will be covered up to an amount of 50 € per module. You will receive meals and, if needed, accommodation.