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Leisure time and recreation

At the EJBW you will find the facility to play a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, using our volleyball pitch, table tennis boards, boules sets, badminton sets, frisbee, air hockey table and table football as well as various games collections including parlour, board and card games (Uno, Scrabble, Ligretto, Rome, bridge, canasta, etc.) Boxes of various games can be borrowed free of charge from the reception desk. The Musäuspark, where the EJBW is located, is ideal for outdoor games and exercise.

We also have:

The Park on the Ilm, the historic city centre and both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool are within walking distance.

Internet use

Strolling and savouring

The Goethe and Schiller Museum, Bauhaus Museum, German National Theatre, Belvedere Palace – there is a long list of sights in the immediate vicinity of the EJBW.

Located just five minutes’ walk from the city centre and most of the sights, the EJBW is perfectly situated for you to shop, go to the cinema, or explore the city on foot.

An overview of Weimar’s cultural offerings and what to do in your free time can be found on the tourist information pages, as can tips and information about tours of the city.

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