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Junger Mann mit Migrationsgeschichte während seiner Trainerausbildung in der EJBW

»Migrants as Youth Work Professionals: Qualification, Empowerment, Educational Programmes in Rural Areas«

In January 2020 we started this project. It offers young people with and without migration history and refugee experience the opportunity to start a career in non-formal education. The program offers an opportunity to young people to extensively understand political education. The programme is particularly intended for young people, between the ages of 18 and 30, who can participate as trainers in a training program over a period of one to two years in order to acquire knowledge and qualifications as youth education professionals.

The programme will also offer innovative workshops on topics such as Diversity in society; immigration, human rights, migration and asylum seeking that will largely be carried out with young people from rural areas and small towns.

You can find more information about this project on its dedicated subsite:​en/​mfj/​ ›

This project is co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Family, Elderly, Women and Youth and the Thuringia Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. At the national level, this project is under the national programme »Live Democracy!« and in Thuringia it is linked to the »Think colourful« initiative for »Democracy, tolerance and Cosmopolitanism«.

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