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Human Rights Education. Career Entry to the Field of Civic Education & Youth Work

We want to empower young people to start a professional career in the field of Human Rights Education, Civic Education and Youth Work. We want to provide participants with a comprehensive training consisting of 13 modules, additional online learning, with work opportunities to acquire practical experience, with internships and career coaching. We are inviting particularly on individuals who have experienced forced or chosen migration, as well as people who have not had this experience.

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The Training Programme

The seminars will take place Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.

At every seminar we will

Modules of the Training Programme

Kick-off Meeting: September 17
*Introduction to the project and the curriculum

M 1: Human Rights & Me, September 18 – 19
Introduction to Human Rights Education: History, objectives, and key learning approaches

M 2: Designing learning Processes, October 9 – 10
Discovering Civic Education, Human Rights Education, and Non-Formal Education approaches

M 3: Identity, Diversity and Power, October 30 – 31
Exploring identities and concepts of diversity

M 4: Understanding Discrimination, November 13 – 14
Forms and factors of discrimination, educational approaches

M 5: Empowerment & Allyship, November 13 – 14
Empowerment for people who experienced discrimination and sensibilisation on racism for people who have not been confronted with it directly.

M 6: Racism–Mask off, December 11 – 12
Raising awareness about different forms of racism

M 7: Study Trip, January 15 – 16
Discovering life, people, organisations and educational work in Thuringia outside the major cities

M 8: Designing Workshops, February 5 – 6
Target group orientated conceptualization & facilitation

M 9: Art and Civic Education, February 19 – 20
Approaches and inspirational examples at the crossroads of art and non-formal education in a global context

M 10: The Danger of a Single Migration Story, March 12 – 13
Concepts of (forced) migration and biographical work in seminars

M 11: Democracy for All?!, April 2 – 3
Political concepts and democratic approaches in seminar settings (in cooperation with »Muslimisches Bildungswerk für Demokratie e.V.«)

M 12: Postcolonial Education in Weimar, April 23 – 24
Postcolonial perspectives, cultural education, and working with urban spaces in education (in cooperation with »Klassik Stiftung Weimar« and »Decolonize Weimar«)

M 13: Build your network, Take a Chance!, May 7 – 8
Professional development & personal growth: Organizations and professionals working in Human Rights Education /​ Civic Education and Youth Work introduce themselves

Practical Experience: March – June
Implementation of your conducted workshops

Further information on the programme you can find in the flyer under »Downloads«.

Training location

EJBW, Weimar and online


Dorit Machell (EJBW) & experts in various areas of the programme


To take part in the qualification programme, please apply via our online form by August 13th 2021. We are happy to answer your questions via email or phone.

Participation Fee

We charge a participation fee of € 100,00 in total. We are reimbursing travel expenses and covering meals and when needed accommodation during the seminars.


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