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Career Entry to the Field of Civic Education & Youth Work

Training Programme

19. September 2020 – 21. March 2021

german, english

We want to empower young people to start a career in the field of Civic Education and Youth Work. To this end, we will provide training in order to prepare for a professional career in the field of civic education by linking them to work opportunities, internships and career coaching. We are inviting particularly on individuals with an experience of forced or chosen migration.

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The Training Programme

The seminars will take place Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.

At every seminar we will

Modules of the Training Programme

Module 1: Introduction to Non-Formal and Civic Education, September 19 – 20

Module 2: Diversity, October 3 – 4

Module 3: Democracy, October 17 – 18

Module 4: Locating Weimar within the field of Civic Education – past and current narratives, November 7 – 8

Module 5: Politics and Projects – Study Trip to Berlin, November 28 – 29

Module 6: Human Rights, December 12 – 13

Module 7: Migration Concepts, January 16 – 17

Module 8: Empowerment, January 30 – 31

Module 9: Designing, February 27–28

Module 10: Professional Orientation & Personal Development, March 20 – 21

Further information on the programme you can find in the flyer under »Downloads«.

Training location

EJBW, Weimar


Dorit Machell (EJBW) & experts in various areas of the programme


To take part in the qualification programme, please apply via our online form below by September 5th 2020. We are happy to answer your questions via email or phone.

Participation Fee

We charge a participation fee of € 100,00 in total. We are reimbursing travel expenses and covering meals and when needed accommodation during the seminars.


Seminars will be held in English and German.
The events take place under the programme of the project »Migrants as Youth Work Professionals: Qualification, Empowerment, Educational Programmes in Rural Areas«.

Career Entry to the Field of Civic Education & Youth Work

Training Programme

19. September 2020 – 21. March 2021

german, english


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Accommodation for underage persons in double or triple bedrooms.

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